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Rolling Hills follows a DJ Roy, determined for a music career under the lights. He learns in this coming of age story to care more for his friends, nature, and community. Rolling Hills pushes forward the movements of permaculture and community.

Making the Film

Rolling Hills is a love letter to the city of Fullerton, made with the help of some amazing locations such as Mo's Fullerton Music, McClain's Coffee House, The Muckenthaler, The Continental Club, and Programme Skate and Sound. The Crew is local to North Orange County, CA creating an homage to the city of Fullerton through a coming of age story that reflects on pursuing a career while working with nature, and growing closer with friends. Rolling Hills is the brainchild of Mic Dahl, "Rolling Hills" being the name of the main street himself and his friends grew up on.

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stills from Rolling Hills

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The Crew of 

the Rolling Hills Movie


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The Cast of

the Rolling Hills Movie


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Behind The Scenes

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Special Thanks to

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